WASHINGTON – The World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) has included two new star wrestlers in its lineup who went head to head in their first battle. Mustafa Ali is one of these wrestlers who was born in Pakistan, reported SPorts News.

The Pakistan-born American wrestler underwent his opening match against another debutant named Lince Dorado from Puerto Rico. Sadly, the big match resulted in a draw but with a lot of drama. The match was a part of the Cruiser weight Classic tournament.

The two wrestlers who were up against each other in their opening match showed great spirit and skill. Punches and flying kicks coupled with a good number of suplex surely fascinated the crowd. However, the jumping around by both participants went in vain as when the referee completed a count of ten, they were outside the ring which means the battle ended with no result.

Earlier, it was reported in media that a Pakistan-born American Mustafa Ali has joined WWE as a professional wrestler. The wrestler had commented that he was a proud Pakistani. WWE has opened up their market for Pakistan in which there is already a huge audience that takes interest in wrestling entertainment. Another inclusion from this region was The Great Khali who made huge impact after coming from India.


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