Pakistani people have made their name in every field of sports. Despite of very limited resources and exposure the Pakistanis have achieved so many things that other only can dream of.

Pakistan is a nation who has won so many world titles that only few in the world has achieved. The people of the country are so patriotic and sports loving that here sport becomes a passion for the country and people like to see the team and players who are representing the country to go on the top.

Most famous sport here in Pakistan is Cricket and few people like Hockey and football. There are many other sports in which people have made their name on Individual efforts like snooker and tennis and body building and wrestling.

In the field of boxing Pakistan have won titles and medals at the Olympics and one famous wrestler these days with the name of Amir Khan who is ex Pakistani and currently playing from England has won the world title.

The field of professional wresteling was empty from any Pakistani player. But Lo and behold we have a man name Pehlwaan Badshah Khan.

Badshah Khan belongs to the Wah Cantt in Pakistan and is currently living in Paris is on the scene now and he is going to be the first Pakistani wrestler to join WWE.

The WWE will be the biggest platform for him and he will make name for the country. He dresses in the Pakistani flag colors and keeps the national flag with him.


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