Watch Zimbabwe vs Pakistan: 1st ODI 2015, Wickets Highlights
Pakistan tour of Zimbabwe, 1st ODI: Zimbabwe v Pakistan at Harare, Oct 1, 2015

HARARE: Legspinner Yasir Shah returned career-best figures as Pakistan routed Zimbabwe by 131 runs in the first of three one-day internationals at Harare Sports Club on Thursday.

Chasing a target of 260 after a century stand by Mohammad Rizwan and Imad Wasim had rescued the Pakistan innings, Zimbabwe were bowled out for just 128 with Shah recording figures of 6 for 26.

Imad Wasim
8.1 to Chibhabha,
strikes first ball! Went back in his crease, hoping to give himself a little more time to pick the ball away through midwicket. But the ball skids on and foils all that. Strikes him in line with the stumps, the only question might be if the ball would just carry on down leg. The umpire doesnt think so, however 23/1

Yasir Shah
13.5 to Chari, googly? No, just goes on with the arm. Chari has not picked it. He has, however, provided ample gap between bat and pad. Lovely bowling from Yasir, and he celebrates with a big ol smile. Chari had lunged forward looking for the one going away, as such his hands are leading away from his body. The ball though pitches and moves just enough the other way to breach his defences 38/2
17.1 to Masakadza, stayed just a touch low, although this is more a misjudgment from the batsman. Rocked back trying to go for a pull, but it wasnt quite short enough for that. Hami M realises that and tries to save face with a straight bat. Just not quick enough. With a free passage – the batsman had backed away to enable his shot – Yasir gets the ball to crash into middle 54/3
30.2 to Sikandar Raza, races down the track for a huge heave over the leg side. Awful shot with his team already in trouble. More comes their way as the outside edge settles in the hands of short third man. May have just held that one back on middle to fool the charging batsman 101/5
32.2 to Mutumbami, he has four, and he owes it to the catcher! Hafeez has pulled off a stunning one-hander to his right. This was a quicker ball on off stump, Mutumbami plants an open face down on it and it seems like he has eked out an easy single using the pace of the leggie. But Hafeez has stayed low, his reflexes are still sharp and he sticks out the right hand to claim a catch he will remember for a while 107/6
34.5 to Chigumbura, five-for! Another lazy little hit across the line by a Zimbabwe batsman coming down the track. Chigumbura has not reached the pitch, which means the ball has enough time to turn, take the outside edge and settle in the hands of cover 122/8
36.6 to Panyangara, and there it is. Zimbabwe are done. Another good length ball, which gets a little more bounce than normal. Panyangara goes for a pull, seems to have gotten a little bit of glove to pop a catch to slip 128/10

Shoaib Malik
25.3 to Williams, goes for the big hit to the wrong ball and he is done in. Shakes his head and slaps his bat down on the turf in disappointment. Lulled by the flight of the ball (or lack ot) Thought he could reach the pitch. He couldnt and with him committed to playing across the line – as it happens with most sweep shots – he cannot connect and watches his middle stump take a hit 89/4
33.2 to Jongwe, plumb in front! Malik has been bowling a few too many down leg. This time though he has tossed the ball up just outside off, it turns rather sharply too. Hits Jonwe below the knee-roll on the pad before his bat can come down in time. Looked very bad for the batsman and it was 108/7
35.2 to Cremer, huge lbw appeal from the bowler, and it seems to be only him asking for it. But the ump agrees! Cremer goes for a reverse sweep. Pulled into that shot because Malik was frustrating him with darts on leg stump. Has not make any connection and is stuck on the thigh pad in front of leg stump. Considering the turn Malik is getting I am not sure that would have hit 122/9