Taijul Islam picks up the 3 big hitters of Pakistan (Ban vs Pak 2015 1st Test Day 3) (HD)

Pakistan tour of Bangladesh, 1st Test: Bangladesh v Pakistan at Khulna, Apr 28-May 2, 2015
Bangladesh 332
Pakistan 537/5 (148.0 ov)
Pakistan lead by 205 runs with 5 wickets remaining in the 1st innings

Taijul Islam picks up the 3 big wickets video highlights (Ban vs Pak 2015 1st Test Day 3) Bangladesh v Pakistan at Khulna, 30th April 28-May 2, 2015
11.5 to Sami Aslam, 83.0 kph, Mushfiq belts out an appeal for a catch down the leg side. Drifting down leg, Aslam aims to tickle it away but misses. Mushfiq moves quickly to his right and collects the ball. The on-field umpire does not agree with Mushfiq. Bangladesh opt for a review. Did the ball graze the bottom glove on its way to Mushfiq? I guess it may have brushed the bottom thumb as the zoomer comes in. Successful review for Bangladesh. Aslam has to depart for 20 50/1
91.5 to Younis Khan, 78.8 kph, top ball from Taijul. Tossed up, pitched on middle, grips in the surface and turns away, Younis goes on the back foot and has a lazy push at it. The ball beats the outside edge and hits the off stump. Kayes applauds from behind the wicket 339/3
132.1 to Misbah-ul-Haq, 77.4 kph, Taijul exults! Tossed up from round the stumps, Misbah hunts for a sweep and skews it in the air off a top edge. Rubel pouches it at deepish backward square leg, he was about 15 metres inside the boundary 468/5


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