With Australia skipper Steve Smith going great guns in the ongoing third Test at Ranchi, India needed to make every small chance count to get rid of the in-form batsman. But the desperation to get him out led to a hilarious incident that left everyone including the on-field umpires in split.

The incident happened in the 80th over over of Australia innings when Smith tried to flick a turning delivery from Ravindra Jadeja. However, the ball, after taking the inside edge of his bat, dislodged into his pads. As per the rules, it was a dead ball.

The Law 23 (Dead ball) states that: “A ball is dead: whether played or not it becomes trapped between the bat and person of a batsman or between items of his clothing or equipment.”

However, India wickekeeper Wriddhiman Saha tried to get the ball out of Smith’s pads and catch it. And while doing so, both of them tumbled on the ground. But Saha was still not ready to give up and finally took the ball out of Smith’s pad and to everyone’s surprise he even appealed for a catch. Well, the umpire’s verdict was very much known since it was a dead ball but the moment, nevertheless, gave the players, officials, commentators and the spectators a chance to burst into laughter.


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