SHARJAH: Islamabad United’s pacer Rumman Raees` distinctive ‘royal celebration’ has now become talk of the town.

Where bowlers are usually seen exhibiting aggression after taking wickets, Raees, on the other hand, maintains a cool and calm expressionless posture with both of his hands on his back. The celebration was certainly a compliment to his stellar bowling in the match against Karachi Kings, where he took four wickets giving 25 runs.

Speaking to, the Karachi-born cricketer said that he introduced this particular celebration in the local domestic circuit, and continued doing it in the PSL. Now he feels proud that it has become one of the top ten moments of the Pakistan Super League.

“There is no message behind this gesture, it’s just an expression of celebration,” he said, “It’s T20 cricket, one shouldn’t be surprised to get hit for six after taking a wicket. It’s hence better to celebrate with low intensity.”

Raees has named the gesture, ‘cool and calm celebration.’


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