KARACHI: In attempt to give a strong message to corrupt elements in cricket, former captain and head coach of the Pakistan team Javed Miandad has called for death penalty for players found guilty of match fixing.

Speaking to reporters in Karachi, Miandad said that strong laws and the implementation of law was needed to stop match fixing in Pakistan cricket.

“Authorities must take measures to stop this (corruption in Cricket). Why don’t you take strong measures? You should give death penalty to such people,” Miandad said while sharing his views on the recent spot fixing scandal that has hit the Pakistan Super League.

“We must not tolerate such things, not at all,” said the legendary cricketer, who has represented Pakistan in 124 Tests and 233 ODIs.

He said that one strict punishment like this would save thousands of others from getting themselves involved in corrupt practices.

The former captain said that the upbringing of an individual is also to be blamed, as one behaves the way they are brought up.

“There is a problem that we do not have the courage to call spade a spade. Everyone is running after money and in such a scenario, what can you do?” he said.

The former coach said that he was saddened to hear about the current scandal and hoped that the culprits responsible would get exemplary punishment.

Shahid Afridi also spoke about the ongoing investigation into the spot fixing scandal that had hit the second edition of Pakistan Super League and led to suspension of Khalid Latif, Sharjeel Khan and Mohammad Irfan.

The former captain said that PCB must set an example by never allowing corrupt cricketers to return to the game.

“If a player knows that he can return to team after serving five years of ban, then he wouldn’t have any fear. I have always said that a life ban should be imposed on any form of corrupt activity in Cricket,” he said.

“Every player is repeatedly told by the anti-corruption unit of board that they should inform immediately about any approaches, yet if some players are delaying or not reporting the approach then they are guilty according to the laws,” the former captain said.

Afridi, who’s also known as boom boom, expressed his excitement on the news of Ronaldinho and others coming to Pakistan and said that he’s looking forward to welcome the legendary footballer.

“We all are anxiously waiting to welcome Ronaldinho, this is a very good initiative not just for Pakistan Football, but for Pakistan because it will give a strong message to the world,” he said.

“I would love to play football with him, I may not be able to play like him for 90 minutes, but may be for 10/15 minutes, I am looking forward to it,” Afridi said.


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