Pakistan cricket team is pretty far behind when it comes to playing the limited overs cricket. their performances are totally opposite to what they give in the longer version of the game. at this moment they are still struggling against England.

The second ODI of the series between Pakistan and England is currently going with the hosts England. The wicket is a good deck for batting. Their problems which Pakistan team faced seems to have vanished now as England is easily going after the runs Pakistan has made.

Pakistan batting is really weak as compared to rest of the sides. They play no attacking cricket and thus they don’t put up a good tool. These days 300 runs in nothing in ODI cricket and Pakistan normally makes something around 250.Now no matter how good your bowling is this total will be chase now in ODI cricket. there is no doubt about it. the batsmen now play more aggressive cricket and they look to dominate against the bowlers. Here is this thing which Pakistan misses out.

Pakistan needs to change their mindset in batting. There are issues with their technique as well and that can only be rectified if they play regular cricket in countries like England, New Zealand, and Australia. At this moment England is on its way to clinching the second ODI as well.

At this moment we see a spat between Imad Wasim and Liam Plunkett. The bowler has said something to Imad. The answer was immediately given back to Plunkett and this might get a bit rough. But we see the umpire coming in and talking to both the players. This is not good for the game.


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