CARDIFF: Pakistan’s former captain and senior ODI player Mohammad Hafeez has said that Pakistan is looking forward to the virtual quarter-final of ICC Champions Trophy against Sri Lanka on Monday.

Talking to media in Cardiff, Hafeez said that he personally likes the tag of “unpredictable”, given to Pakistan cricket team by many.

“To be honest, I’m always a fan of that tag, given by many, as unpredictable team, so I’m very happy with that, and that’s what you can see. As a team, we’re always very aggressive,” he said.

“It’s my personal opinion. I believe like the first time I felt like it has been given to the Pakistan team when we won the World Cup 1992. If you see the history of Pakistan cricket from there till now, we’re always unpredictable. We have the talent, but still, you never know when it comes. That’s something the opposition always think about. They never take us lightly. They never think, like, we can take them on,” he added when asked to elaborate his comments.

Hafeez said that Pakistan team is ready for the match against Sri Lanka and players are well prepared.

“We believe as a team we are ready and crystal clear when it comes to preparation, when it comes to the role. And the situation is very clear in front of us, like we have to win the game because rest of the things are just irrelevant because, once you are clear, then all things will come into place,” he said.

Replying to a question Hafeez said that team is eager to qualify for the semifinal after beating Sri Lanka on Monday.

“Everyone wanted to go there, wanted to do well in this competition, but still I believe, and as a team we believe, we are moving towards the right direction. We know the rules. We know, as a team, we are gelling together. We’re doing what the job is coming in our hands,” he said.


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