The Afghanistan cricket team did not win the World T20, in fact, they like some of the others went out from the group stage games but the welcome they received back home was pretty much inspiring. It makes one wonder what would have happened had they won the cup.

The Afghanistan cricket team was first welcomed by a huge crowd at the airport and later when he made an appearance at an open ground with a stage decorated in the middle with them. The area was flooded with people.

There were thousands of Afghan nationals present at the ground and they were chanting for their players. The whole Afghanistan team was sitting in there and waving back to the fans who were just thrilled to see their national heroes.

Afghanistan had a good run in the World T20. They were the only team that beat West Indies in the Group A games. It was the major upset of the World T20. West Indies were thrashing everyone coming their way but the Afghans eventually stopped them from entering into the semifinals as an unbeaten unit.

Afghanistan also had a very good game against the South Africans and at one stage while chasing a total of 200 plus, it looked and if Afghanistan will take the game home. Shahzad expressions right at the start gave Afghanistan a foundation. Afghanistan cricket team is surely making a lot of progress and in the coming few years, they will become very mature side which can take on any opposition.


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