In this video , 7 of the Greatest hits (sixes) have been collected to present our viewers. This includes the hits of the batsman of severel cricket teams of the world..
With that there are many hits that are even hard to categorize due to the power and magnitude they possess inside them.

We will shed light on a few and let us just start with Martin Guptill who once hit the ball over the roof in New Zealand. They say kiwis don’t have big grounds so hitting a six isn’t much of a deal but when it comes to hitting one on the roof top it is a serious business.
It was a slower ball picked up early by Guptill and though it was pitched outside the off stump but still Guptill was able to make it land deep towards the leg side.
Then we have Yuvraj Singh flicking one of the fastest bowlers in the world Brett Lee of his pads into the square leg region for a huge. It was one master stroke from the left hander that hardly made him apply any force of his own he just used Lee’s pace.

Taking about hitting big and we don’t see the names of Afridi and Gayle is utterly impossible in cricket. Wherever power hitting comes these two names will always be there.
Afridi hit a few showcased here, first in England against Broad that went almost out of the cricket ground and second was hit in South Africa and it landed right in the parking lot outside the ground.
Gayle is seen hitting one in Australia and against him even the Australian grounds which are considered to be the world’s largest ones looks a lot small.

In cricket there is more love towards the batting than bowling and the reason is quite simple. People love big hits coming right from the middle of the heavy willows that some of the best names carry in their hands.
If we try to make a list of some power blows seen over the years than it will be really hard to categorize the hits coming from the bats of Gayle, Afridi, Pollard, KP and many more but still these 7 here will entertain you a lot.
The first one is hit at the SCG by Zard for Victoria. It was no doubt one of the biggest hits seen at the SCG and even left behind the like of Adam Gilchrist. It landed outside the stadium into the practicing area on the full.

A few have been hit by none other than the power house himself Shahid Afridi. The first he hit was against Broad in England and it was a length ball that landed right in the arc of Afridi’s swing. After the bat hit the ball it was found near the edge of the ground thanks to a tree.
In the second hit from Afridi there was no tree stopping the shot and it went all over the Bloom fountain stadium and hit the ground right in the parking area. Thankfully didn’t damage any car.
Then there is Chris Gayle hitting one right out his screws and even the Australian ground known to be the biggest ones in the while cricket fraternity look so small against his power. With a few more distinctions these hits remains the top ones.


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